August 2017
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Another Year, Another TIFF

As expected, I didn’t have much time to update on my TIFF adventures during the week. In the past I thought it was odd they didn’t have films on the Sunday to fill out the final weekend, but I can definitely appreciate the breather after a busy week before returning to the usual routine. [...]

TIFF Lineup : Day 2

Brand Upon the Brain!

I happened to be awake right at 7 this morning, when new batches of tickets are available. I decided to check the status of Brand, and it was available! This is probably the film that most intrigued me in this year’s lineup, so I immediately ordered a ticket even though [...]


What’s wrong boy? Is Timmy in trouble?

An excellent start to the Film Festival! Fido proved to be a hilarious satire with an enjoyable story. If there was one worry I had going in, it was that it would turn out to be a funny premise stretched too far. But that wasn’t [...]

Today's TIFF Lineup

Before each day’s showings, I’ll try and give a little background as to why I selected the films I did. I may not get around to writing up actual reviews afterwards – the sheer volume would overwhelm my output capabilities – but I’ll try and indicate whether the movies lived up to expectations or [...]

TIFF Schedule Redux

What was I saying about unlucky box number 13? How the Film Festival advance draw works is that orders are placed in boxes as they turned in. Once the deadline passes, they pick a numbered box at random and start filling selections from there, and then move on to the next box in [...]

A Schedule … In Theory

After a few tiring evenings involving trips to & from downtown, finally determining my top ranked films, and coordinating selections with a few people, I arrived at a hypothetical schedule which you can view here. After work today I dropped off order packages for Mike and myself, including some selections on behalf of Sven [...]

Full Schedule Out Today

I know I owe a number of folks e-mail replies … I’ve just been a little single-minded with doing pTIFFdb-related tasks. I will get to them soon!

Today the official Film Festival schedule is released, so look for all the showtime info to be appearing here later on. I still have a number of [...]