September 2005
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Do Not Worship False Idols of Italian Pornography

Let’s wrap up these Film Fest recaps, shall we?

First up on Saturday afternoon was Citzen Dog. There are a number of words that I don’t usually use in everyday conversation that are appropriate here: delightful, whimsical, charming, imaginative. It’s a Thai version of Amelie sensibilities, but more off the wall. I wouldn’t [...]

11 ouf of 12 Ain't Bad

Back to last Friday. Let’s give that summary of Kinetta another look:

In the off-season after all the tourists have left for home, there is a sudden spate of murders. An unnamed plain-clothes cop with a pathological weakness for luxury cars and naughty Russian women investigates the killings. He enlists the help of a photo-store [...]

Fest Additions

At the three Midnight Madness films I attended over the weekend, the head programmer really hyped the movie SPL which will be showing on Friday night. Everytime he mentioned the director’s name or some of the cast members, there was enthusiastic applause from the audience. I guess they’re all famous Hong Kong martial [...]


Monday’s second movie was Saint-Martyrs-des-Damnes, a French film from first-time director Robin Aubert. This has been my favorite so far, and the fact that it’s Aubert’s directing and writing debut is all the more impressive. I really hope this movie gets some good exposure; I think it goes into wider release next month [...]

Tomacco Addicts in Isolation

Sunday night was our third straight Midnight Madness film, Isolation. While it was played up beforehand on the premise of being out in the middle of nowhere when trouble strikes, it was more of a genetic engineering gone wrong suspense. Biology ain’t pretty, whether it’s the graphic depiction of a cow’s difficult birthing [...]

It's Not All Fun and Games

A bit of a timeout here before I get on with more FilmFest posts about actual movies. For the most part, the audiences have been stellar … well behaved, polite, enthusiastic in showing their support, etc. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a second installment of Things That Annoy Steve:

When people, [...]

Don't Fuck with a U.F.O. Enthusiast

Our second Midnight Madness film was the unapologetically silly splatterfest Evil Aliens. Part homage to cheesy, B-horror/sci-fi and equal doses of hilarity, I think Mike is right in that it would be a good late-night choice for a future Movie Day. Memorable (not always a good thing) scenes of anal probing and alien/human [...]

Shelly, Your Breasts Taste Great

That was possibly the best Tim Horton’s hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Or maybe there’s an after-effect from sitting a couple of rows directly in front of Zooey Deschanel for the world premiere of Winter Passing.

I didn’t know much about this one going in, and it’s one of those movies where it’s a pleasant surprise [...]

He Looks like a Burrito

My FilmFest experience started off with Tideland, by Terry Gilliam, someone known for slightly “different” types of movies (Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail, Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 12 Monkeys, Brothers Grimm). Even by his standards, this one way out there. It started off “normal” enough, as merely messed up. It [...]

Film Fest Here I Come!

The Toronto International Film Festival kicked off last night, bringing hundreds of promising movies over the next week and a bit. Mike and I have each bought a 10-pack of tickets, and man was it hard to narrow down the selections. I decided to avoid the big Hollywood movies and even most of [...]